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In July 2011, we hiked the Laugavegurinn Trail in South-West Iceland. It is an incredibly scenic trail, containing what seems like five continents and four seasons in as many days.
The trail is roughly 55 to 56 km long (Laugmanalaugar to Thorsmorsk), but we added some extensions and detours every day (to Markarsflötsgljüfur canyon and up to the summit of Haskerthingur mountain).
Thus, the grand total for the four days was quite a bit longer (I calculated 80 km approximately). This gallery contains the images from that hike.
Moreover, we added a fifth day that was even more challenging : 24 km with great height differences, glaciers and volcanoes and finally a lush valley full of amazing waterfalls.
Details and images from that grand finale are in a separate gallery:
For consistency of presentation, I have place the (cropped to 16:9) panorama images from the five days in a third gallery:
The key words to the images provide details of places.

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