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In July 2011, we hiked the Laugavegurinn Trail in South-West Iceland on four days. Some explanation and images from that magnificent hike are in another gallery : http://roelh.zenfolio.com/p696622840
We added a challenging and satisfying fifth day. Roughly 24 km took us from 150m (Thorsmorsk) to 1100 m elevation and back down to 150 m, over quite steep mountains, then between two volcanoes and glaciers and finally down a lush valley filled with amazing waterfalls, ending at Skogarfoss.
These are the images from that incredible day. Looking at the weather, you will hardly believe this was a single day.
For consistency of presentation, I have placed the (cropped to 16:9) panoramas from the five days in a third gallery: http://roelh.zenfolio.com/p1059016050
The key words to the images provide details of places.

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