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Konik horses are a tough breed : they can live outdoors without man-made shelter in any season and eat what the land provides.
Together with Galloway bovines (and elsewhere: with sheep or goats), they are used to graze native forage and thus maintain a number of nature preserves.
I saw a few of them in "Hobokense Polder", a nature reserve (92ha) right next to the Schelde in Antwerp, locked between petro-industry and social housing.
One Konik allowed me to get really close while he was grazing in shallow water. It took just a bit of patience and a balancing act on the edge of the ruins of a bunker, to get some shots.
Here are the images from that walk, shot with ZD50-200mm, ZD12-60mm and even ZD8mmFE on my Olympus E-5.

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