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My Nikon buddy Jan and I participated in this year's edition of the FNAC Fotomarathon in Antwerpen (Antwerp).
The idea is to walk through the city and deliver two images per team at four download spots.
Images must be JPG, straight OOC with no alterations and shot along the way, and must reflect a certain theme, that is announced at each new location.
This year, the themes were "Couleur Local" (Local Colour), "Mobiel" (Mobile), "Buitengewoon" (Extraordinary) and "Patronen" (Patterns).

(The format normally also implies that the images should in some way visualize, or have a link with, the hosting city.
This was IMHO not really apparent this year in the winning contributions (except for the last theme), although they were nice images. If I find them online. I will post a link.)

Here are some of our contributions (and also images that were considered but rejected). I hope you recognize the themes. Some images are OOC, but most have received the normal basic (minor) processing.

A few alternatives from the shoot, crops and pictures with some more processing, are in the "People: Just People Anywhere" gallery.

The last three in this gallery are from the 2008 Marathon, also in Antwerp, but with different themes : "Stone", "Extreme" and "Tasty".

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