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Once again: an inspiring concert that I attended in the audience, with no photo-access to the frontstage area. But of course, I still tried to capture some of the general atmosphere, using my LX3.
Elbow does not use spotlights to follow the artists, but only varied stage lighting and projections. That made this shoot even more challenging than Lenny Kravitz, requiring frequent changes in settings.
One might ask if using a camera does not stand in the way of enjoying the music. Well, it doesn't. In fact I am more focused on the whole experience. All technical aspects are largely intuitive.
For kicks, I include at the end some short LX3 movie clips from a few songs (with pretty bad sound). They provide an idea of lighting conditions and a meagre glimpse of the performance by Elbow.
UPDATE: The album "Build a Rocket, Boys" has been reissued, with a bonus disc "Belgian Live" containing three songs from this performance.

The first seven images show Howling Bells, the support act and (for me) a nice surprise and discovery.

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