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dEUS was another concert that I attended in the audience at Lotto Arena, with no photo-access to the frontstage area. And once again the LX3 was used to capture some of the general atmosphere.
dEUS does not make life easy for photographers, with no consistent spotlights on the artists, but a mix of projections, side- and backlighting, monocoloured floodlights and even strobes on artists and background.
Phewww!! Hence the use of a toned B&W for most of the images here, although I also include colour variations.
As with Elbow, I include at the end three very short LX3 movie clips (straight out of camera, with pretty bad sound). They provide an idea of lighting conditions and a meagre glimpse of the performance.

The first 21 images show Balthazar, the support act. I knew them from two songs, but will get to know them better now. They definitely have their own sound, which is always a good thing.

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