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My coverage of the "TOGA 125" Fashion Design Event can be seen here :
Prior to that report, I set up an improvised studio in the backstage area, right before the entrance to the catwalk. I used two Elinchrom D-Lite 4s and shot with ZD35-100mmF2 lens on Olympus E-5.
It was a hectic shoot: all portraits were made in the two hours prior to curtain time, amidst the chaos of dressing, hairstyling and make-up, in that small corner of the green room.
Note that none of the participants is a professional model. Except for one judge, they are all attorneys, walking the catwalk for this unique event, most of them as first-timers.
I managed the lighting setup myself, and limited this to variations between a classic clam-shell lighting and a bit broader spread from the front, left high and right low.
With a constant crowd watching and commenting, I had to be decisive, precise and confident in my directions. The models were responsive and excited about the unexpected shoot, so all went smooth.
This is the result of that very special model shoot.

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Roel Hendrickx
Here is an item about the event,on national television news of May 27 :
Updated news item on May 28, including shots of the winner:
Longer report in a Sunday News Show on May 29, covering more of the event and including a few seconds that show my improvised studio (at 1:59 until 2:05):
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