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A collection of test shots from three Olympus flagship SLR cameras (E1, E3 and E5, shown in reverse order) with identical lenses and circumstances.
For every camera, the photos follow the same logical sequence, with identical views (insofar as I could manage).
Lenses used : ZD7-14, ZD12-60, PL25, ZD50, ZD8, ZD50-200, ZD35-100, ZD150, Sigma135-400, at a number of roughly identical focal lengths (7, 8, 12, 25, 35, 50, 100, 150, 200, 300 and 400mm).
All shots are on tripod with selftimer, AutoWB, ISO 100, 1/250sec and F5.6, with one studio flash strobe and a touch of ambient light.
No PP (noise, sharpening,...) at all was applied, except standard Adobe RAW conversion in LR3 and +1EV applied for consistency (mostly necessary for the wider shots).
Olympus proprietary JPG conversion is different, but not shown here to neutralize the effect of advancements in TruePic in-camera processing technology.
Some of the primes' photos are followed by a cropped photo, to compare detail of the different MP count sensors and to compare crops with full size images of a higher focal length.
If you want to effectively compare two or more shots, I recommend opening them in their largest available version in separate browser windows and flick fast between them.
Possible comparisons include : same lenses/views with different cameras; same focal length from different lenses on same or different cameras; comparison of crop with longer FL, etc. Have fun!
ZD8 (FE) at 8mm on E5ZD12-60 at 12mm on E5ZD12-60 at 25mm on E5ZD12-60 at 35mm on E5ZD12-60 at 50mm on E5ZD12-60 at 60mm on E5PL25 at 25mm on E5crop from PL25 at 25mm on E5ZD50 at 50mm on E5crop from ZD50 at 50mm on E5ZD50-200 at 50mm on E5ZD50-200 at 100mm on E5ZD50-200 at 150mm on E5ZD50-200 at 200mm on E5ZD7-14 at 7mm on E5ZD7-14 at 14mm on E5ZD35-100 at 35mm on E5ZD35-100 at 50mm on E5ZD35-100 at 100mm on E5ZD150 at 150mm on E5

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