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Coldplay performed a very upbeat show in the Antwerp Sportpaleis. I went there and came back with another concert gallery shot with the Panasonic LX3 instead of SLR.
As with Elbow and dEUS, I include a number (seven) of short LX3 video clips. This time I don't save them for the end of the gallery, but instead include them roughly in the right chronological spot.
These clips are straight out of camera : sound is pretty bad and the image quite mediocre, because of changing lighting in the directions where I aimed.
They have no other ambition than to give an idea of lighting conditions and a meagre glimpse of the performance. Better clips can be found online.

Images 3 through 14 show the support act, Emeli Sandé, whom I knew from the great single "Heaven". The rest of her song material is not quite up to that high standard, but still a good warmup for Coldplay.

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