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A series of pictures from one single RAW, processed in-camera as an OOC JPG, without any further PP, to showcase the different Picture Modes and Art Filters of the Olympus E5.
The Art Filters are not modifiable.
The Picture Modes can be tweaked, and I did so, lightly, in order to exaggerate the effects. "Vivid" a bit more saturation, "Portrait" a bit less sharpness and contrast, etc.
For the Custom Mode, I have settled (for now) on a blue toned monochrome with red filter. This may well change.
Obviously, the different effects are not all as suitable for every subject, but I show them here on one single picture to highlight the differences.
Some of them will work nicely for portraits, others for landscapes or macro objects. For some I see hardly any use at all, but that's just me.
I think most of the effects can be achieved pretty easily in Lightroom. But they can be fun to toy around with in the field.
i-Enhance (picture mode)Vivid (picture mode)Natural (picture mode)Muted (picture mode)Portrait (picture mode)Monotone (picture mode)Custom (picture mode)Pop Art (art filter)Soft Focus (art filter)Pale&Light Color (art filter)Light Tone (art filter)Grainy Film (art filter)Pin Hole (art filter)Diorama (art filter)Cross Process (art filter)Gentle Sepia (art filter)Dramatic Tone (art filter)i-EnhanceSoft FocusPin Hole

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