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Here is a DIY set-up for securing, using and swapping heavy lenses during concerts and other events where you have no room to place gear.
It is a bit similar to a commercially available strap, but with some personal modifications, and a lot cheaper !

Each strap is composed of components that you can find in any hardware or sports store, combined with a Manfrotto tripod mounting stud.
Total cost added up to 28 EUR for two separate straps (14 EUR each !), with 13 EUR for the Manfrotto parts.
This combination of buckles and bolts on length-adjustable straps provide maximum maneuvrability.
The camera and lens can slide and turn in all directions without risk of getting tangled or unscrewed.
The camera with lens hangs at your side, well balanced. The spare lens sits ready to be mounted.

The first photos show an early version, with two separate straps that were crossed over the chest, which could be a bit cumbersome.
After a photo of the lenses in my bag, follow some photos of the second, enhanced version.
This version includes two additional pieces of mountain scaling gear. They secure the two straps together on the back of the bearer.
The whole setup can now be worn as a "vest", further optimizing freedom of movement of the two straps separately.

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Guestbook for Gear: DIY dual concert straps and other DIY gear solutions
Derrick Q(non-registered)
Those DIY Dual Concert Straps look great. Thank you for sharing this idea!!!
Roel Hendrickx
Dag Marc,

Dat gaatje zat er al in. Ik zou te onhandig zijn, vrees ik, om zoiets te boren.
Het onderdeel is gekocht bij Konijnenberg, maar ik denk dat elke fotowinkel die ook statieven enz verkoopt, dat wel heeft, of tenminst kan bestellen en leveren.
De Manfrotto website kent wellicht het serienummer.

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