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Julius Caesar was murdered on the Ides of March of the year 44 B.C.
On March 15, the Gruppo Storico Romano performs a reenactment of two scenes of this historical event on the actual site of the assassination, the Largo di Torre Argentina:
(a) a debate in the Senate prior to Caesar's crossing of the Rubicon and arrival in Rome; (b) Caesar's confrontation with the Senate, the actual murder and speeches by Brutus and Marcus Antonius (courtesy of Shakespeare).
This is followed by a funeral procession, accompanied by members of Legione X, from the Largo di Torre Argentina to the Via dei Fori Imperiali where Caesar's statue now stands.
I was there for the 2017 edition and was very glad that I had brought an ultra wide angle lens. The reenactment took place on a pretty cramped public space, with minimal crouching room for accredited photographers.
The fact that we worked controluce was a bit of a challenge, but also an opportunity (if you can live with flare). My personal view is that flare can add flair. But do judge for yourself.

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