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My 15 yo daughter is an avid amateur actress. When she is in a production, I usually try to catch one of the dress rehearsals to shoot some photos with my Olympus SLR setup and fast lenses.
This time, however, I had not found the time, so I wanted to get some photos on the opening night.
The production consists of a series of six vignettes in dialogue, all taking place in the setting of a bed(room).
Bringing a large SLR with flapping mirror is of course not a good idea for a performance with audience, so I decided that the LX3 would have to do.
Spotmetered and spot-focused, without flash or AF assist light and with all noises off and the LCD at minimum brightness, it is an inconspicuous tool (with limited range), suitable for taking shots discreetly from my third row seat.. Normally, I limit auto ISO to 400, but now I went for ISO 800. I shot in RAW to be able to correct WB and apply noise reduction in LR3 just enough not to lose too much detail.
I was pleasantly surprised at the outcome. Most of these images are at full zoom (60mmEFL) and cropped quite a bit.

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