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Circus Rose Marie Malter granted me the opportunity to witness life in the circus for one single afternoon, with full access to all areas. I enjoyed great examples of timeless show­man­ship in the ring.
More importantly, I was allowed to document life behind the curtains. Backstage, the artists prepare for their act, and enjoy quiet private moments between friends and family.
They all have a story to tell of the joy and the hardship that are both part of life in the circus.
Since this was the last day of their stay in my hometown, it was also a time of packing up and getting ready to go. I was amazed at how fast and efficient they break down the big circus tent and the whole village.
This was done in a few short hours, by the artists themselves and with the capable help of their small but dedicated crew, some of them volunteers. That same night, they moved to the next town.
For their openness and hospitality, I want to extend warmest thanks to ringmaster Pierrot, the talented acrobats Sandro & Natalia and to quiet but graceful Catia.
Also thanks to Johnny "Lucky Luke" Fischer who is still going strong after 55 years of touring, and of course to the classic clowns of Trio Balder.
They all have put a big smile on my face … and not only in the ring.
Please visit for info on tour dates. Better still : take your children to go see them when they visit your town. These great artists and warm people deserve your applause.

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It becomes easy to see why they would give you the opportunity of II.
I liked that many of the photos had your influence in them, a street style too that made them into more than was there.
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