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On possibly the last nice day of summer, we took our bike to Park Spoor Noord (Antwerp, Belgium), where they have a wonderful very shallow pond for kids to play in.
It is surrounded by bars where you can get a cold beer, a glass of wine or even a sensual mojito cocktail.
Perfect open urban space (on the site of a decommissioned train emplacement) for a relaxed indian summer afternoon.
No place to take the big camera with heavy lenses. I travelled light with Panasonic LX3.
It still allowed me to catch a bit of the action, with mainly two guys playing samba style soccer in the shallow pond.
(I did get quite wet. I kept the camera almost dry.)
There was also live music.
Technical note : most images were shot with the Dynamic B&W mode of the LX3, but they were RAWs so I reprocessed them to dynamic B&W in Lightroom3.
I did however also use the "Grainy Film" scene mode, which defaults to small size JPG at ISO 1600.
This accounts for the strange EXIF on ssome of the images.
Soccer on a Hot Day

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