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This year, I participated in the FNAC Fotomarathon in Brussels not with my Nikon buddy Jan, but with my daughter, more as a creative photographer/model team.

The idea is to walk through the city and deliver two images per team at four download spots, roughly every two hours.
Images must be JPG, straight OOC with no alterations and shot along the way, and must reflect a certain theme, that is announced at each new location.
In-camera tricks and JPG conversions are allowed.

This year, the themes were all movie-related : "A Love Story", "Horror", "Musical" and the bonus theme "Science Fiction".

(Having learned from last year's experience, we did not bother with the guideline that the mages should in some way visualize, or have a link with, the hosting city.
We made use of locations and people that we found along the way, but concentrated more on exploration of a few concepts and did not refrain from staging shots.)

Here are some of our contributions. The images that we actually submitted (with titles) are shown here straight OOC.
Also included are a few outtakes and preparatory "making of" shots for more complex experiments like the science fiction "image overlay".
A Love Story (I)A Love Story (II)Horror (I)Horror (II)Musical (I)Musical (II)

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Now this is one a wonderful change that is sure to stay among most of your minds, the main reason to why which all these is sure to make a good deal of impact is for the fact that it is really knows what the viewers want.
Roel Hendrickx
Link to the gallery of winning images (including one of ours in the shortlist for "Science Fiction":
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