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Images from the lovely production "Lodewijk de Koningspinguin", by Dimitri Leue and the Music, Theatre & Dance Academy of my hometown Schoten.
This wonderfully poetic and funny musical production was quite elaborate, with 8 main and 2 guest actors/singers, supported by a full orchestra, dancers and two choirs.
The stage layout was special too, with the orchestra and choirs behind a semi-transparant screen, on which animations were projected from time to time.
A brief impression of the backstage hustle and bustle (shots 1-21) is followed by a large selection of images of the performances on May 17 & 18, 2018.
I needed to shoot two performances in order to cover all the angles, but I have sequenced the images to be a roughly chronological representation of one performance.

Using the slideshow feature (top right) is highly recommended for optimal viewing pleasure. Website of the Schoten Academy: https://www.schoten.be/academie

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