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Impressions from the opening night of the triptych exhibitions of work by Weegee, Gert Jochems and Lucie&Simon in the Antwerp FotoMuseum (FOMU).
After my so-so experience at the opening night of MOMU last month, with the (slowish) µFT 12-50mm kit lens on the Olympus E-M5, I decided to use faster primes this time around.
Most shots are with the 45mmF1.8 (µFT) and 25mmF1.4 (FT) lenses. For a few wider shots, I still used the µFT 12-50mm. Only six of those made it into the final selection.
The near-silent operation remains a blessing for capturing people without disturbing their concentration. I am really getting to like this camera for that kind of work.

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