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Jack White visited Antwerp and I was there. I did not have a photo-pass or frontstage access, but by now I have some experience of capturing the atmosphere from the audience, close to the stage, amidst avid fans.
Like with Elbow, Lenny Kravitz, dEUS, Coldplay, Paul Weller and Bob Mould, the LX3 was my weapon of choice. More distance from the stage and no telephoto result in less close-ups. OTOH, I can show the whole stage.
Jack's concert was loud and kinetic but the audio mix was pretty bad. Visually, I had hoped that Jack would be accompanied by the lovely Peacocks (all female band), but we got the Buzzerds (all male). They rocked.
After Jack's red-white-black period with Meg, he is now into blue-white-black and that also dictated the lighting setup. Tough shooting.
WB "as shot" looked horrible, so I devised a compromise in PP that looked decent but respected the largely blue colour scheme, resulting in many near-silhouettes.

The first 12 shots (in pink) show Peggy Sue, the support act. They were OK. Good harmony of voices. A friendly little band.

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Guestbook for Concert: Jack White, Sep 2012
Roel Hendrickx
Here's an initiative I applaud (although it is not for me, because I prefer to shoot my own material): Jack White has his own official tour photographer. Images are posts photos online of all gigs and they are free for download. People who want visual souvenirs (and are not obsessed like I am), can get photos there and concentrate on the music. Kudos to Jack.
The images are by Jo McCaughey and she does a great job:
Review with an awesome shot by Koen Keppens:
Review with photos by Bart Vander Sander:
Review with one photo and full setlist:
Finally, some photos by Geert Van de Velde (IMHO, he did the best job of the frontstage photographers):
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