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The biggest Middle Ages reenactment event of Benelux is called "De Quaeye Werelt: anno 1477".
Several groups of reenactors (some of them representing nobility, others mercenaries, knights templar, craftsmen, troubadours, priest or peasants) gather in dozens of tents of all shapes and sizes and come live the Middle Ages for a long weekend.
The event includes shops, workshops, archery training, food and drink. Every day, most of the several hundreds of reenactors participate in the recreation of a full scale medieval battle, where the killing starts at 15.00 hours sharp.
This spectacle includes archers, infantry, cannons, knights in armour, captains and champions, you name it. Also the whole entourage that would accompany a medieval army on its campaign (priests, jugglers, craftsmen, armourers, cook- and washwomen, etc.)
The battle draws huge crowds... but I am not really interested in that public display. So I did not go there between 10.00 and 18.00 hours on Saturday nor Sunday.
Instead I went after hours on Saturday (and before hours on Sunday), when the reenactors have the site to themselves. They relax and are merry, but remain still mostly in character for this extended experience.
It's a closely knitted community like others that have interested me over the years. These are my close-up impressions of the peculiar world of "De Quaeye Werelt" and its inhabitants.
(For more detailed info on the event, including list of participants and video footage/images of previous battles : website "De Quaeye Werelt" - several languages are available.)

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