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Two years after my first series documenting everyday life in a medium-sized circus, the Wiener Circus has now extended its hospitality to me in 2013.
I was granted access for a few days of backstage and performance shooting, with great openness and trust from all involved, even in some difficult moments.
My sincere thanks and best wishes go out to Ricky and Deny, Xavier, Jacob and Solange, Karim, Alexandra, Natacha, Leonel and Manuela, and finally Tamara and Jeannot and their two lovely children.
In the magic of the circus, all of them play different parts under grandiose names. But I appreciated them most as the inspiring and sharing people that they are backstage.
Thanks also to the guys who help make the magic happen: Pedro and Adriano, Kornell and Maryo, and finally to Ullrich.
Visit for info on tour dates. Better still : take your children to go see the Circus when it is in town. These great artists and warm people deserve your applause.

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