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Another two years after a previous series documenting everyday life in a medium-sized circus, it was now Circus Barones that granted me hospitality in 2015, during their stay in Antwerp.
I was given (almost) full access for two days of backstage photography (three performances) and some intimate moments, with great openness and trust from all involved.
My sincere thanks go out to Richard and Eva, their sons David, Robert and Daniel, Jenny and her parents Kathy and Josti.
Also to éminence grise Henri and of course also Aty & Paty (extreme specialists in multitasking and wonderful people).
The supporting crew were equally welcoming : thanks to Aaron, Marian, Daniel, Alex, Magda, Marta and Maya.
Visit http://www.event-construct.be/circus/circus-barones-tour-2015 for info on tour dates. Better still : take your children to go see the Circus when it arrives in your town.
These great artists and warm people deserve your applause and support.

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Bob Zuber(non-registered)
Wonderful series Roel. Well done!
Roel Hendrickx
News item on www.antwerpen.be:
Series was also a news item on www.circus-online.de
Great. Thanks. An excellent distraction from the news
wonderful stuff as per usual. Great colour and use of light.
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