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The recent Black Lives Matter movement made me reconsider picking back up work on these photographs... And I've just finished that (Nov 2020).
Previously, I showed just screenshots of a selection of the unedited RAW images (now images 24-30). And RAW they are indeed...
The processed images are now added, focusing on the art piece and the interaction with some spectators (or: mute witnesses of the Instagram ages).
The fisheye lens allowed a very immersive look (cropped for a cinematic effect) onto this disturbing and absolutely still highly relevant art piece.
Created between 1969 and 1972 by Edward Kienholz, the piece was first presented in Kassel (Documenta) and is now property of Fondazione Prada.
After decades in storage, it has recently been displayed in numerous locations. We saw it in Antwerp in a specially constructed extra space outside the MuHKA (2018).

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