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The first portraits were shot with the Olympus EC-14 teleconverter on Olympus ZD35-100mm and ZD150mm F2 lenses (1-47) and on ZD50-200mm lens (48-56).
Then came the new µFT 40-150mm F2.8 lens and MC-14 (57-62). Then back to FT, with ZD70-300mm and Rokinon 85mm with EC-14 (63-74) and with ZD150mm (75-102). Gorilla as intermezzo (103-108).
The most recent images were with µFT 40-150mm F2.8 lens and just a few with the old ZD70-300mm lens (and EC-14 converter), both on E-M1 (109-145).
Shots 1-6 in the Antwerp Zoo in March 2013. Shots 7-46 in Planckendael in October 2013. Shots 47-56 in Planckendael in August 2014. Shots 57-62 in Antwerp Zoo in Jan 2015.
Shots 63-74 in Planckendael in Jun 2015. Shots 75-102 in Planckendael in Sep 2015. Shots 103-108 in Beekse Bergen in Dec 2015. Shots 109-145 in Antwerp Zoo in Oct 2016.

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