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OK, these are quick test shots to illustrate the effect of various light modifiers on Elinchrom D-Lite 4 Studio Strobes.
All shots are with one Elinchrom strobe, at 2.5 F-stop value. Camera was set to Manual, 1/250 sec and F7.1 for all shots.
I used Auto-WB, which resulted in some weird variations, as you will see in the last 20 shots, that are the OOC pictures.

In order to show the effect of the modifiers consistently, I corrected all images in exactly the same way :
I set WB to 4500K, added 0.5 exposure, upped the blacks level a tad and added some clarity.
This resulted in the first 20 pictures shown here.

For every subject, the order of the light modifiers is :
(1) use of Portalite softbox with diffuser;
(2) removed diffuser from softbox, which left me with a big square reflector;
(3) used standard reflector;
(4) added medium grid to reflector;
(5) added tighter grid to reflector.
The second series is the same, but with the OOC pictures.

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