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Going through old dia-positives for a family occasion, I rediscovered the first "serious" series of pictures I have made.
These are not my very first photographs, because I frequently helped my dad make photos while traveling in Italy, France and Germany. And there have always been snapshots.
But they are the first series I made on my own and for myself, wiht my small Agfa camera (probably an Agfamatic), on a longer trip abroad without my parents.
The folk group I was member of, performed at a festival in San Juan (Puerto Rico) around New Year 1983. We flew there via New York City, where we spent one day.
My memory had fooled me into thinking I had shot at least one hundred photos on that trip, while I have now rediscovered it was exactly one roll of 36 (stretched to 37) dia-positive exposures.
I quickly scanned these rediscovered dia-positives with a cheap scanner, and gave them a minimal brush-up in Lightroom to restore a bit of the contrast that had been lost over the years.
This is the result, without censoring any of the clear failures. You can blame nostalgia for that.

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