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Going through old dia-positives for a family occasion, I rediscovered the first "serious" series of pictures I have made.
These are not my very first photographs, because I frequently helped my dad make photos while traveling in Italy, France and Germany. And there have always been snapshots.
But they are the first series I made on my own and for myself, with my small Agfa camera (probably an Agfamatic), on a longer trip abroad without my parents.
The folk group I was member of, performed at a festival in San Juan (Puerto Rico) around New Year 1983. We flew there via New York City, where we spent one day and night.
My memory had fooled me into thinking I had shot at least one hundred photos on that trip, while I have now rediscovered it was exactly one roll of 36 (stretched to 37) dia-positive exposures.
I quickly scanned these rediscovered dia-positives with a cheap scanner, and gave them a minimal brush-up in Lightroom to restore a bit of the contrast that had been lost over the years.
This is the result, without censoring any of the clear failures. You can blame nostalgia for that.

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